How does it work?

What makes Check work?

Aligned to your curricula

Check is aligned both to the international standards you may follow (IGCSE, IB) and to the order in which you teach it.

Everyone at their own pace

Check offers differentiated learning routes. Each student learns at his or her own pace, always in their Zone of Proximal Development.

More effective classes

With Check, teachers are able to track the progress of their students and intervene in their learning at the right moment.


The best ally for teachers

Understanding your students progress has never been this easy :

Assign differentiated tasks for each students.
Identify the progress of your class and of each student
Detect the barriers preventing your students learning

The tool students are looking for

To learn in the most effective way

All the explanations and practice questions you need aligned to your own syllabus.
At your own pace:
you choose which route to take to master a skill or topic
Always accessible:
everything you need, in your pocket.

Easily implemented

You send us your annual plan or syllabus.

We adapt the platform to fit with every type of curricula in the format you may have.


We adapt Check to your specific needs

According to your level, method and order you school wants.

We create student and teacher accounts

With your school emails, through Google, or through your username

You start using Check

Students and teachers will have access to our live support 24/7

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